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Sustainable & Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips

Cleaning products can contain a lot of petroleum-based additives as well as numerous other chemicals that are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. Not to mention, they're frequently packaged in plastic containers which most likely will never be recycled...the petroleum industry lied to us...surprise, surprise! A lot of the fragrances that are added to our cleaning products and basically everything else from perfumes, to plug-in fragrances end up being really toxic for our lungs.

If you're interested in keeping yourself and your loved ones safer (because we can't completely avoid pollution in this world), consider following the following tips and product guide below. I include amazon links to some recommended products because the reality is that for majority of us, Amazon is how we get a lot of our goods and that's not changing any time soon. So, why not shop as sustainably as we can through it?

Tip 1

Make your own super easy cleaning product with white vinegar + water

  • If you wanna be a real G, you could simply dilute some white vinegar with water (1:1 ratio) in a glass bottle and use that as your DIY cleaning spray. I like to add a few drops of essential oils (peppermint & eucalyptus) to my spray bottle to give it a more pleasant smell. This basic cleaning spray is super cheap and is quite versatile for countertops, windows, floors, and bathrooms. So, if you want to save some serious coin and also save your lungs, consider this easy cleaning solution.

Tip 2

Try to avoid all products with 'fragrances' added

  • A lot of these fragrances are completely unregulated and many are known to be petroleum-based and toxic to our lungs (especially aerosol sprays and plug-in devices). We already have plastic particulate matter in our lungs thanks to the fossil fuel industry polluting the planet. Let's not add insult to injury by over-saturating our indoor air with the same pollutants.

Product suggestions

Essential oils:

Non-plastic essential oil ceramic diffuser

I also like this chic green version

Tip 3

Consolidate your cleaning supplies

  • Yes, there's a bathroom, bedroom, window, kitchen sink, countertop, oven, stovetop, fridge, etc, cleaning spray. No one needs so many unique products to clean the home. That's kinda like using one soap for your fingers, another for your toes, one for your earlobe, and another for your left butt cheek. I know that's a tad exaggerated but seriously...the cleaning industry is bamboozling us and just taking our money by marketing all these 'unique' cleaning supplies to us. If you look at the ingredients list, they're all pretty much the same. Save yourself some money, time, and space by just finding 1 or 2 cleaning supplies that work really well

Product suggestions

Multi-surface cleaning tablets

Refillable Glass cleaning spray bottles with silicone sleeve

Tip 3

Your cleaning rag/scrubber matters

  • Once again, do your very best to avoid plastic/petroleum-based scrubbers - this is what most kitchen scrubbers are made from, you know, those green foam ones. These just leak microplastics everywhere they touch. Consider silicone scrubbers if you would like something synthetic, or switch to natural cleaning scrubbers made from coconut core or gourd, or biodegradable Swedish dishcloths that are made from sustainable cellulose, or simply reuse old clothing as cleaning rags. This includes the dish scrubber you use by the way...

Product suggestions

Coconut fiber biodegradable scrubbing pads

Biodegradable dish cleaning kit

Eco-friendly Natural Wooden brush set

Swedish dishcloths made from biodegradable cellulose & cotton

Tip 4

Buy refillable cleaning products

Instead of buying a brand-new container for each cleaning product you use, consider switching to companies that provide refillable cleaning solutions. You'll be able to consolidate to just a few containers that you can always refill with either cleaning powders, tablets, or solutions. Less clutter for you, less waste for the planet!

Product suggestions

Blueland cleaning tablets

Biodegradable cleaner gallon refill


These are just a few suggestions to get you started on your sustainable cleaning journey. As more people join the green revolution, there will be much more options that are also more affordable - it's just market forces. So, if you are blessed with the funds to make a switch to one or all of the recommended products, please do. Your lungs, skin, and planet will be better for it.

Remember, the goal is not perfection, just little changes that will later snowball into big changes. Do the very best that you can, whenever you can, and encourage others to do the same; that's how we make positive changes for our planet.

Please leave a comment below if you have any other tips or questions and don't forget to subscribe for more posts on sustainability, travel, and plant-based cooking!

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